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The Importance of Robust Networks

The Importance of Robust Networks

I came across an interesting fact recently, One major home automation manufacturer reports that over 2/3 of the support calls received are ultimately diagnosed as problems associated with the clients’ network. Internet connectivity and a high-quality network are fast becoming as essential as electrical service and plumbing. 

A quick scan of most residential networks will reveal as many as 80-100 connected devices, rarely are there less than a dozen, and with the proliferation of IoT (internet of things) devices the demand for broadband is growing rapidly. The appropriate infrastructure is essential to accommodate this influx of connected devices.  That means a router that is sophisticated enough to accommodate multiple “networks” for different purposes; that provides a secure first line of defense against malicious attacks, and that delivers all of the speed your ISP is providing; advanced Wi-Fi Access Points to provide complete coverage throughout your home, a system that hands-off connectivity without interruption, and that allows multiple secure networks for your protection. Consider high speed (10Gb) switches to accommodate high resolution video streaming. Support is the last crucial component – Enterprise grade networks in the commercial environment are usually supported by staff members dedicated to that task, not that practical for your home, the next best thing is a remotely monitored and managed system.

System Integrators is the provider that you can trust to design, install and maintain your network. We have the understand of the various demands on your network, represent the most innovative and focused vendors in the business, and provide a variety of 24/7 support options. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive network assessment.  

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