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Aesthetically Pleasing Solutions - CEDIA Update - part two

Elegant or Invisible Solutions

Aesthetically Pleasing Solutions - CEDIA Update - part two

"User Interface" that's jargon for the way in which you control your TV, thermostat, lights, shades, security or music... Our approach has been to first make it simple, easy to use and intuitive, then to make it aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive or even invisible. That dynamic appears to be changing. 

Finally Design is becoming equally important. Our industry is making great strides in the effort to aesthetically integrate technology into your beautiful home. There are a plethora of TV's, Controls, Shades and Speakers that are as appealing to look at as they are to use.


Controls – Basalte keypads, thermostats and switches have a distinctly “European” style that fit well in contemporary designs and integrate seamlessly with leading systems from Lutron, Crestron and Bang & Olufsen. Trufig takes a wide variety of controls, switches, outlets, lights and even HVAC diffusers and melds them into your wall or cabinet, flush and flawless. And of course, Voice Control is evolving rapidly and will likely become the ultimate invisible control.

Music  - With so many high quality speaker options, it’s almost impossible to  raise an aesthetic objection to introducing music to any space in our out of your home. The ever expanding and improving in wall and in ceiling speakers break new ground in performance and looks, especially the “small aperture” systems from Sonance, Monitor & Triad. Designed to mimic the look of a high quality recessed light, the concept of many small speakers to fill a space delivers phenomenal sound. Totally invisible speakers that literally can’t be seen, we’ve installed Amina and Perfect Third speakers in a variety of applications, and they sound great. And let’s not exclude the floor standing and bookshelf speakers that are as beautiful to see as they are to hear. The Bang & Olufsen 90th anniversary speakers are marvels of design, technology and sound. And the new B&O Shape is so much more than a speaker, it's a system that is indeed art.  Meridian retains their performance crown with the 8000 series and Monitor Audio Gold & Platinum offerings are exquisitely crafted in beautiful cabinets.

TV’s – Advancements in flat panel technology has allowed manufactures to develop extremely good looking TV’s. The Samsung Frame is an amazing example – is it art? Is it a TV….. and for ultimate elegance with high performance sound and image, consider the new Bang & Olufsen Elcipse. Or consider a Seura Mirror TV that allows a high performance 4K TV to masquerade as a beautiful mirror. If you want a really big screen, but a conventional projector won’t work Sony offers a 4K ultra short throw projector that live just above or below the screen, amazing!

Windows – For years, we’ve worked hard to conceal window shades and blinds, with the latest offerings from Savant (by J Geiger) and Lutron Palladiom are changing that, these are rollers that beg to be seen.

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