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Tunable Light

Precision LED Light Control

Tunable Light

As LED technology improves, lighting control is evolving from dimming to precision control of light.
These coordinated advancements raise lighting design and application to a new level of significance, providing opportunities to paint with light, set a mood, accent art precisely, infuse energy, recreate the circadian cycle of natural light, to coordinate artificial light with natural light and generally improve your health and well-being. 

Smart Lighting

Lighting and Control Options by Lutron

Smart Lighting

The benefits of smart lighting technology practically make it an essential system for your home. Quality lighting is critical to everything you do - waking up, cooking, dining, entertaining, relaxing....

A well designed control system:

  • give you greater control over your energy costs.
  • Increase your home security.
  • Give you progrmming power utilizing timers, daylight sensors, scenes occupancy sensors and proximity. 
  • Provide remote access and control integrated to include other systems like climate or security. 
  • Be easy to operate and elegant with stylish control keypads that replace multiple switch banks
  • Deliver precise control over light fixtures for dimming, color and color temperature. 
  • Health and well-being enhancements with variable light temperatures and intensities. 
  • Circadian rythyms that mimic natural sunlights daily cycle. 
  • Integration with motorized (automatic) window shades. 

We design and install smart lighting systems for new construction projects, renovations or in your existing residence.