Architectural Speakers

Ceiling Mounted Sonance Architectural Series Speakers

Enjoy great-sounding music and keep your ceiling beautiful

You can have great-sounding music and keep a ceiling beautiful. Sonance Architectural Series Speakers are the ultimate blend of high performance and premium aesthetics. The totally flush and bezel-less grilles disappear into the surrounding ceiling surface while the state-of-the-art driver materials and cutting-edge design sets a new standard in audiophile sound quality.

Architectural Series Discreet Opening System delivers unprecedented sound quality via a revolutionary system approach to distributed audio. The finished product exactly matches the footprint of small aperture downlights for minimal distraction, maximum performance. The Satellite and Subwoofer design of the Discreet Opening System allows the entire room to be filled with audiophile sound quality at the perfect volume, eliminating the loud zones and quiet areas experienced with traditional loudspeakers.

Precision-engineered Mounting Platforms provide flexibility to align with light fixtures or ceiling features and deliver the highest quality results in drywall, plaster, wood, and other solid surfaces. The speakers and subwoofer utilize the same-sized paintable round or square grilles to deliver a consistent and minimalistic aesthetic.

We’ve used the Architectural Series Discrete opening system very successfully in Kitchen and Living room applications, with solid wood ceilings and plaster finishes. The size and bezel-less design make it much easier to incorporate music into an especially detailed ceiling that meets everyone’s approval! Engage us in the process early, ideally at the design phase, and enjoy the results for years to come!