What is Savant Power?

In a world where power grid fluctuations and unpredictable weather patterns can disrupt our daily lives, Savant is pioneering a revolutionary approach to managing your home’s energy use and storage. The Savant Power System places control firmly in the hands of homeowners, empowering them to dictate the source and utilization of their energy. This not only offers resilience against peak utility costs and power outages, but also provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing everyday energy consumption.

Unlike traditional backup systems that are limited to specific circuits, the Savant Power System provides control over the entire breaker panel. This flexibility allows users to direct energy precisely where and when it's needed, whether it's for essential appliances, charging an EV, refrigerating food, heating water, heating a pool, or enjoying family movie time. Savant Power Modules seamlessly integrate into standard electrical panels, connecting with any or all of your current circuits to observe energy usage, issue alerts for breaker trips or grid interruptions, and efficiently direct power to specific locations in real-time.

Harmonize your utilization of utility power, solar generation, and stored energy to reduce peak on-grid utility expenses, ensuring continuous operation of essential systems during outages; encompassing lighting, appliances, electric vehicle charging, and beyond. The Power Storage unit goes beyond a mere energy storage device. It integrates entirely into a sophisticated smart energy ecosystem, empowering users with enhanced control over their energy consumption. This not only aids in reducing electricity expenses but also ensures a continuous power supply during outages.

What does Smart Power really provide that a standard battery back-up doesn’t?

Load Management

By deactivating circuits when they aren’t in use, homeowners enhance energy efficiency and accumulate modest savings over time. Even inactive devices can still consume considerable power. Many smart energy systems facilitate automation for this purpose, enabling users to power down unused items while sleeping or away.

Avoid Peak-Time Usage Rates

Smart energy systems are adept at maximizing energy efficiency, considering peak-time usage rates when certain utilities impose higher electricity charges during periods of heightened demand. These systems can guide in identifying the most economical times to charge an electric vehicle, operate the dishwasher, or simply utilize a battery backup rather than the power grid.

Optimize Solar Setup

If a home has solar panels coupled with a battery backup system, a smart energy system can help extract the greatest output from the electricity generation. The solar battery serves as a reservoir of energy, allowing for storage and release as needed. Smart energy systems collaborate with the battery, drawing energy from storage and directing it to where it is most needed and cost-effective. Utilizing solar power for activities like charging an electric vehicle or running the air conditioner can often be more economical than relying on grid energy. It's all about efficiently allocating energy for maximum value.

Monitor Energy Consumption

Understanding the energy consumption of a home is more impactful when simplified and visualized. Smart energy systems monitor energy usage, providing real-time data at the circuit level. This visual representation illustrates energy consumption, offering insights into potential areas for cutbacks and cost savings. Additionally, historical data reveals patterns in energy usage over time, aiding in a comprehensive understanding of electricity expenses and identifying peak usage periods throughout the year.

Receive Alerts for Electrical Issues

While safety features may not be the primary focus of a smart energy system, they become invaluable when electrical issues arise. If the system detects anomalies like surges or dips in electricity, it promptly sends alerts. This proactive approach allows homeowners to address potential household electrical problems early on.

The Savant Power System, in conjunction with the comprehensive range of lighting, entertainment, security, and comfort offerings from Savant Smart Home and GE Lighting (a subsidiary of Savant), forms a unified whole-home and energy automation solution. All of this can be seamlessly managed through a single software platform and application. This expansive selection empowers solar installers, integrators, and builders to enhance their clients' homes or buildings, providing a more holistic, convenient, and energy-efficient smart living environment tailored to their specific requirements.

"Now more than ever, home and business owners are looking for simple ways to combat rising energy costs, ensure power and safety during outages and access renewable energy sources," said Bob Madonna, Savant CEO. "Savant Power Storage maximizes energy efficiency and can optimize clean energy such as solar, while providing access to affordable power during peak pricing periods and outages."

By offering real-time visualization of energy consumption, the Savant Power System enables users to make informed decisions about their energy usage, identifying opportunities to reduce costs and deactivate idle appliances. The system's versatility extends to electric vehicle (EV) owners, as it supports fast charging, giving users the flexibility to power their EVs efficiently.

As Vermonters, one of our favorite features of the Savant Power System is the proactive approach to inclement weather. The system intuitively charges power storage batteries before a storm hits, ensuring that homeowners are well-prepared for potential power outages. In the event of a grid failure, the system maximizes the use of backup power throughout the entire home, by prioritizing designated loads, and eliminating unnecessary power consumption from non-essential components.

Savant’s Power System is the key to taking control of a home's energy dynamics. Imagine having real-time insights, efficient load management, and the ability to prioritize what matters most. To delve deeper into how it can transform your energy landscape, connect with our design team for a personalized consultation. Make your home smarter, more efficient, and uniquely yours with Savant Power System and System Integrators.