System Integrators Harnesses the Power of Control4 for All-in-one Automation and Control

In alignment with the continuous evolution of smart home technology, System Integrators has recently added the award-winning Control4 line to our system offerings. Our approach remains geared towards fashioning living spaces that are not just smart but practical, safe, and intelligently designed for clients’ individual preferences -- Control4 naturally complements these values, making it a solid addition to our lineup. With several user-friendly control interfaces and unrivaled interoperability with third-party smart devices, Control4 is another viable option we can offer our clients.

“While many control system companies work to isolate consumers to their brand alone, Control4 continues to focus on integrating the best solutions from all sectors of the home technology industry,” said SI’s own Nick Thibeault, “It allows us to provide our clients with the best lighting solutions, the best surveillance cameras, the best audio-visual experiences, all integrated and working together within a single control platform. This may sound like a no-brainer, but - in the increasingly saturated and competitive market of home technology - many manufacturers are doing anything they can to limit their users to using only their brand.”

Control4’s intuitive interface provides a straightforward and accessible experience, eliminating the perceived complexity often associated with smart home technology. Clients have the flexibility to interact with their system using as little as a standard push-button TV remote, a standard light switch, or they can expand their options to include a touchscreen, a phone app, or closed-system voice control. After our team programs the magic behind the curtain, our clients can control their entire home's lighting with one command, instantly activate playlists in every room, review their front door camera, all with the push of a single button! Whether at home or miles away, Control4 ensures users remain connected and in control. From automating routine tasks to managing all manner of media, Control4 is an outstanding system for integrating and streamlining diverse aspects of modern living.

Our team places paramount importance on recognizing the individual design preferences of each client, and Control4's capacity to integrate with a diverse array of brands (over 16,000!) aligns with our commitment to design versatility. This adaptability ensures that our clients have the freedom to curate a space that not only meets their technological requirements but also reflects their distinct style and preferences. Whether selecting lighting fixtures, audio-visual components, or surveillance systems, Control4's extensive compatibility empowers us to offer a broad spectrum of options for an intelligent and aesthetically pleasing smart home.

Nick concludes, "The ability to merge the best home technology into one control system gives our design team the freedom to continually research and source the best solutions for our clients from across the industry."

System Integrators is excited to welcome Control4 as a strategic addition to our control system selections, and continue to deliver the highest level of customization, convenience, and control for our clients. Contact our team of design experts today to learn more and explore what Control4 could bring to your new or existing home!