Superbowl LVIII with System Integrators: A Cinematic Touchdown

As we gear up for the Superbowl, our team has been sharing our favorite pre-game recipes, making friendly wagers, and getting our home-entertainment systems in top shape to enjoy the big game with friends and family. As you’d probably guess, we’re all pretty passionate about that last part. In our opinion, a stellar home theater can rival being at the stadium itself. Here are some of our favorite cutting-edge tools that transforming a client’s everyday TV experience into a Super Bowl spectacle:

The latest Sony Home Theater Projectors offer an excellent option to supersize your viewing party. Providing extreme clarity, expanded dynamic range, and compatibility with IMAX enhanced content, these projectors bring the cinematic experience right into your home. With a larger, more immersive picture and elevated sound, the experience they offer can’t be matched by a traditional television. With 4K resolution, Sony projectors create stunning realism, making them perfect for watching the Super Bowl with friends and family or experiencing the stadium feel at home. Sony's new Wide Dynamic Range Optics contribute to a compact design with better light control, resulting in naturally colorful images, even at high brightness levels, and stunning, immersive contrast. The ultra-pure and reliable laser light source is exceptional, especially for the price point.

We always pair great projectors with great screens. One of our recent favorites is the CIMA line by Stewart Filmscreen. This precision-built line of projection screens strikes the right balance between performance and value, making it a more accessible choice that doesn’t sacrifice quality. More affordable than Stewart’s other models, CIMA screens are value-engineered with outstanding quality. They come in standard, high-demand sizes, and varying aspect ratios, offering a selection of two high-quality screen materials: a white matte color screen fabric, and a neutral-density grey fabric. With options like above and below-ceiling electric screens, along with a fixed frame variation, CIMA screens provide exceptional uniformity and are built to last.

Last but not least, our team always pairs exceptional viewing with exceptional seating from our friends at Fortress Seating. They’ve been manufacturing unparalleled high-end theater seating since the 1940s, with fully customizable solutions for any space, and perfect accessories for the big game, like cup holders and tray tables. 

So, if you’re dreaming of transforming a space into the perfect at-home cinematic stadium, trust System Integrators to design an deliver an experience that amazes your friends and family on game day – and every day.