SI Welcomes Neil Stacy to Role of Service Manager

System Integrators announces the appointment of our own Neil Stacy to the role of Service Manager at System Integrators, marking a significant milestone in his journey with us. As an integral part of our team, Neil's wealth of experience, technical prowess, professionalism, and dedication have made him the perfect candidate to spearhead our new service department. As we embark on this exciting venture, Neil's insights into the evolving landscape of audio/video integration, his commitment to proactive client service, and his vision for setting new industry standards make him a pivotal leader for our expanding service initiatives.

Neil sat down with us to talk a little bit about this exciting new venture and what personal circumstances lead him to where he is now:

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role within the company? What does your role entail?

Prior to joining System Integrators, I owned my own integration company in New Jersey for the last 15 years. Before that I was a general contractor in the construction industry. My role now entails a little bit of everything from programming Savant and Control 4 systems, to installing systems, and troubleshooting and maintaining completed systems in the field.

2. How long have you been working for System Integrators, and what initially attracted you to SI?

I joined System Integrators at the beginning of last August. I did some research on all of the integrators and other tech jobs in the area and found that System Integrators was the most similar to my integration business in terms of services and lines provided to the client.

3. How did you get started in your career, and what lead you to your current role?

I have always had an interest in high end audio since my young teens. I enjoy music in all of my spare time while engaging in just about any activity. I have also always enjoyed toying with technology items. I started off in the construction industry and while performing duties as a general contractor I was intrigued and more interested in the new technology systems that were just starting to be installed in new homes than anything else that I was doing. So I just decided to take the plunge into the audio/video and integration world.

4. How has your role evolved since you first joined System Integrators?

When I first started with System Integrators, I was primarily working as a programmer for Savant and Control 4 systems. I am now shifting to service and quality control of our installations.

5. What do you most enjoy about working here?

The people and community for sure. My company in New Jersey was always a one man show. I am happy to have other technicians to work with every day and I have enjoyed meeting new people in this area. I am originally from western North Carolina and this area feels much more like home to me than New Jersey ever did!

6. What are some exciting projects or goals you’re looking forward to in the future?

We are setting up new standards and practices for the company this year. We will be doing all that we can to become proactive with our service calls and keep systems running smoothly in lieu of servicing accounts after a system failure. The goal is to make all of our customers have an improved experience with their technology systems and System Integrators.

7. What brought you to Vermont and SI?

My son is in his final year at Champlain college. My family would all come up to visit and the area felt so much like my home growing up that I felt the urge to relocate here during my very first visit. So as soon as my daughter graduated from high school, we made the move. I have always enjoyed the mountains, but I am also an avid sailor, so it was a no brainer. At first, I almost decided to take a new career path into information technology and security, but in the end I decided to stick with what I really enjoy and that is the Audio/Video integration world.

8. What’s something about you that most people at System Integrators don’t know?

Hmmm, I would say the fact that I had an uncle that was a professional wrestler in the 1980's named quick draw Rick McGraw.

9. What are you looking forward to in 2024?

I can't wait to have a full summer of sailing on lake Champlain, as we only arrived in August last year. Secondly, I am looking forward to continuing building our relationships with clients of System Integrators.

As we embark on the New Year, one of our team’s resolutions is to provide our clients with faster response times and more proactive system updates. Neil's insights into the evolving landscape of audio/video integration, his commitment to proactive client service, and his vision for setting new industry standards makes him an exceptional fit for the role – and we know he’ll meet and exceed your expectations. The next time your system calls for an update, rest assured that System Integrators has you covered.