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The Magic of Immersive Sound: Lessons from Disney World's Revolutionary Audio System

This article delves into the technology and techniques behind Disney's exceptional audio experience. We then guide clients on how they can bring elements of this magic into their own homes, making everyday entertainment more immersive and enchanting through the power of audio innovation and System Integrators.


James Loudspeaker Omni

An overview of the Omni series of outdoors speakers by James Loudspeaker-- a customizable, great-sounding speaker option with inset planter!


Coastal Source Bollard Outdoor Speakers

The summer season is upon us! Time to add the finishing touches to your landscaping by incorporating Coastal Source's series of Bollard speakers and subwoofers into your outdoor space.


Invisible Speakers

Sonance's line of Invisible Speakers are designed to disappear into the surrounding architecture, while at the same time providing the same high-level audio performance you'd expect from any Sonance audio technology.